Company Values

The basis of corporate behaviour

Unidata's Code of Ethics

The Code of Ethics is a basic element of Unidata's corporate culture. This document - which represents the expression of corporate principles and values, as well as the rights and duties respected by Unidata - must be observed by all subjects with whom the company forms a relationship in order to pursue the corporate purpose.

The company makes its employees aware of the aim of creating positive and long-lasting relations with partners and stakeholders. Indeed, for Unidata, the creation of an environment characterised by a strong sense of ethical integrity, influencing the overall conduct of its collaborators, decisively influences the effectiveness of its action.

The Code of Ethics identifies essential values, reference standards and regulations of conduct of the company. The document also dictates restraining principles, with no exceptions, for all corporate exponents, employees and all other subjects acting, directly or indirectly, in the name or on behalf of the company.

Principles of conduct
  1. Impartial decision-making influencing relations with its stakeholders, clients to be served, relations with shareholders, personnel management and work organisation, the selection and management of suppliers, relations with the surrounding community and the institutions representing it, Unidata avoids all discrimination based on age, gender, sexuality, state of health, race, nationality, political opinion and religious beliefs of its interlocutors.
  2. Honesty in their professional activity, Unidata's collaborators are bound to diligently observe the norms in force, code of ethics and internal regulations. In no case may the pursuit of Unidata's interests justify dishonest conduct.
  3. Correctness in the case of potential conflicts of interest when running any activity situations must always be avoided in which those involved in transactions are, or may also only appear to be, in conflict of interest. This means both the case in which a collaborator pursues an interest other than the corporate mission and balancing of stakeholders interests or is “personally” privileged by business opportunities and the case in which client or supplier's representatives or those of public institutions act in contrast with duties of trust linked to their position during relations with Unidata.
  4. Confidentiality Unidata ensures confidentiality concerning the information in its possession and abstains from searching for reserved data, unless in the event of express and acknowledged authorisation and conformity to the legal norms in force. Furthermore, Unidata's collaborators are bound to not using confidential information for purposes not connected with exercising its activity.
  5. The value of human resources: Unidata collaborators are an indispensable factor to its success. For this reason Unidata protects and promotes the value of human resources with the aim of improving and enhancing assets and competitivity of the competences held by each collaborator.
  6. Equal authority in signing and managing contractual relations implying the establishment of hierarchical relations – especially with collaborators – Unidata is committed to making sure that such authority is exercised equally and correctly avoiding all abuse. In particular, Unidata guarantees that such authority does not transform into exercising power harmful to collaborator's dignity and independence and that the choices of work organisation safeguard the value of collaborators.
  7. Personal integrity Unidata guarantees the physical and moral integrity of its collaborators, working conditions observing individual dignity and safe and healthy working environments. Therefore requests aimed at inducing people to act against the law and code of ethics are not tolerated, neither is behaving in a harmful manner to the moral and personal convictions and preferences of each person.
  8. Transparent and complete information Unidata collaborators are bound to providing complete, transparent, comprehensible and accurate information in order that, when establishing relations with the company, stakeholders are able to make independent decisions fully aware of the interests concerned, alternatives and relevant consequences. In particular, when formulating any contracts, Unidata is careful to specify the conduct to be maintained in all foreseen circumstances to the contracting party, in a clear and comprehensible manner.
  9. Diligence and accuracy when executing tasks: work assignments must be performed according to that consciously established by the parties. Unidata is committed to not exploiting ignorance or inability concerning its counterparties.
  10. Quality of service and products: Unidata directs its activity at customer satisfaction and protection, listening to requests which may favour an improvement in the quality of products and services. For this reason, Unidata orientates its research, development and marketing activities to high standards of quality in its services and products.
  11. Loyal competition: Unidata intends to protect the value of loyal competition by abstaining from collusive, predatory conducts and abuse of position.
  12. Responsibility towards community: Unidata is aware that its activity may influence the economic and social conditions of its interlocutors and its personnel, therefore such responsible shall weigh on the decisions and activity carried out which nonetheless must safeguard the existence of the company both in the short, medium and long term.
  13. Environmental protection, the environment is a primary asset which Unidata is committed to protecting; for this reason it plans its activities according to environmental requirements and in consideration of the rights of future generations. Unidata is thereby committed to improving the environmental impact of its activities, as well as anticipating the possible risks in observance of the normative in force, considering the development of scientific research and the best experiences on the matter. In particular, in relation to its main activities it is committed to implementing low energy consumption technologies and solutions such as the so-called "green-IT".