Company Values

Contributing to a better Society

Improving and growing within the corporate environment is not enough, it should be done together with the civil Society by applying the principles of Corporate Responsibility, with our, albeit modest, contribution wherein corporate values and the company’s Code of Ethics is reflected. Valorising diversity, supplying employment, stable where possible, collaborating with organisations and foundations, environmental responsibility: these are some of the instruments chosen by Unidata to focus on ethicality and corporate responsibility, values forming the basis of all the company’s activities.

Among the initiatives are attention to research, environmental respect and transferring part of the profits to non-profit making organisation.

The fields in which Unidata performs its social commitment work are as follows:

Unidata transfers part of its profits to initiatives of a social nature and to onlus charities. In some cases Unidata has chosen to offer space and voice by supplying services to the Italian and international onlus charities reflecting the values which inspire the company, to specific conditions of advantage.

Unidata avoids pollution by actuating Green Responsibility policies by creating innovative products and low consumption solutions respecting the environment, recycling and differentiated waste within the company.

Unidata operates in observance of environmental and health protection norms. The created solutions and wireless products used do not contribute to electro-magnetic pollution, in relation to which they are within legal limits and are not harmful to users' health.