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Security reliability and innnovation in our Data Centers

In our Internet Data Centers, thanks to continuous investment in the best technologies, our Customers can implement their projects with the highest level of security, reliability and flexibility.  Services include Managed Colocation, Hosting, Public and Private Cloud in the various forms: IaaS Infrastructure as a Service, PaaS - Platform as a Service, SaaS - Software as a Service.


A continuous evolution to stay close to Customers with the best innovations

Two completely redundant Data Centers. These are the core elements of the infrastructure Unidata offers its customers.

Each Data Center is a technology hub of over 500 square meters capable of hosting 190 racks and thousands of servers which may be managed by means of services such as Unidata's Managed Hosting and Cloud.
Designed for the future, these Data Centers guarantee innovation and flexibility, ensuring stability to customers' strategic applications thanks to the highest level of equipment security and the substantial available power.

The Data Centers feature backup electrical power to ensure maximum service continuity. On-site generators are capable of supplying any lack of power from the electricity supplier.

Strict rules regulate  access to the Data Center rooms.
The Customer's equipment is housed in a safe area, only accessible to authorized personnel on the basis of strict procedures.

Access security to our data rooms is guaranteed by means of a double system including procedures to prevent intrusion and accompaniment to the hosted equipment by our technical staff during Customer visits.

The Customers' servers' content and the Cloud services are protected by means of several security levels, implemented thanks to dedicated devices and specific control.

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