To each job its own fiber

Gigafiber Business solutions are custom-made to meet the needs of single businesses.

Unidata has extended its offer to residential users, making available to private customers its know-how and territorial coverage, reaching even the most isolated apartment building. But it has traditionally been the business world that has had to deal with the needs of very different structures and set-ups.

The Gigafiber family adapts itself efficiently and flexibly to the demands of small, medium and large businesses, and is prepared to meet the specific needs of a complex organisation such as the P.A. Unidata offers to businesses not just standard contracts to sign, but special treatment, with the study of each individual case conducted by a dedicated staff of experts: a personalised service profile is developed for each business, meeting single demands relating to the nature and size of the work performed.

Unidata’s Gigafiber Business solutions can be divided into two groups: P2P and GPON; both are of the FTTH type.
P2P and GPON are two high-connectivity technologies that can satisfy different needs.

Gigafiber Business P2P (for large businesses).
The acronym P2P stands for Point to Point, and indicates a powerful connection for top performance, up to 10 Gbps, with the possibility of physical redundancy and value-added services, and assistance dedicated to special needs. This technology is aimed, more precisely, at businesses requiring a direct rather than “exchanged” connectivity, for example to serve DPCs (Data Processing Centers) or server rooms with VPN connections (Virtual Private Networks) within the LAN (Local Area Network), including extremely complex networks.

Gigafiber Business GPON (for Small and Medium Businesses).
FTTH GPON, an acronym for Gigabit-capable Passive Optical Networks, on the other hand, lends itself more to the connection needs of small businesses, as well as to the GIGAfiber residential solution, to which an article of this Magazine is devoted – with connections of up to 1 Gbps and lower costs, comparable to those of earlier wired copper services.

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