Code of Ethics

Corporate values
Unidata has always been committed to the principles of corporate social responsibility: we are convinced that an effective management system must be accompanied by ethical sensitivity, social involvement and respect for the environment. This sensitivity is reflected in the ability to bring together different objectives in the company mission, such as attention to the needs of the community and respect for the environment, the promotion of a work environment inspired by respect, correctness, collaboration and the enhancement of professional skills.
To bear out the importance we attach to ethical issues and in particular to conduct based on rigour and integrity, Unidata has adopted a Code of Ethics, which represents a basic component of the company’s Internal Control System and is an instrument of the corporate culture. The Code of Ethics defines the company’s set of core values, basic standards and rules of conduct, and establishes binding principles, without exception, for all company representatives, employees and any other person acting directly or indirectly in the name and on behalf of the Company.
It plays a fundamental role in Unidata’s credibility in the social and economic context, turning into a competitive advantage the appreciation of values ​​underpinning the company’s way of operating. All those who work for UNIDATA are committed to observing and enforcing the principles of the Code.
The Code of Ethics forms the basis for Model 231, the Organisation and Management Model adopted by Unidata pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/2001 aimed at preventing the committing of crimes that may entail administrative liability on the part of the Company.
Unidata is committed to fully disseminating the principles contained in the Code and continuously monitoring compatibility with changing legislation in this sphere.
All information regarding the Code and its application and / or breach or suspected breach of the Code can be reported to the Supervisory Body at the following email address:
Code of Ethics

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