A secure collocation in the Unidata Datacenter
In our Data Center, equipped with completely redundant Tier III and Tier IV equipment, we offer collocation services and equipment such as servers, storage and network devices owned by customers.
Placing their equipment in a high-performance Data Center ensures reliability, physical security of access, availability of very high capacity for Internet connectivity. In addition, customers can take advantage of ancillary services that Unidata makes available, such as Hosting and Cloud services and other professional services (Managed Services).
Services available:
Colocation of a single server

Colocation in quarter of a cabinet

Colocation in half a cabinet

Colocation in entire cabinet and multiple cabinets

Delimited private area

Ancillary services
Internet bandwidth up to 10 Gbps

Firewall and security services

Managed Services

H24 on-demand intervention service

Anti DDOS service for Internet connections

Alarms and video surveillance for private areas

It is also possible to have disaster recovery services with collocations in other data centers in different cities.
Optimal for the Public Administration and for small, medium and large companies.
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