The power of the Internet has given us a new way of communicating: WebTV opens new horizons and new opportunities. Imagine your own live TV and on-demand seen all over the world and of good quality.

Today it is a reality, everyone can afford it.


Beyond traditional media

Radio and TV on the Internet. It used to be an image of the future. Today the fast and great spread of wideband have turned it into reality.  Far from being a simple transposition of traditional media onto the web, it is based on a fruition model that aims at interactivity and is characterised by flexibility and reduced costs.
Unidata’s solutions provide a platform that allows the creation and management of theme channels together with television and radio formats.
They allow the requirement of a vast target to be addressed, ranging from companies, public institutions, local administrations to universities, film producers and mass media in general.


Flexible solutions for all needs

It is a tool that enables communication by means of mainly audio-visual content that may be totally tailored. By designing dedicated formats it is possible to implement internal communications, promotional marketing, support and motivation to the sales network, distance learning, transmission of events and presentations, public information services, sale and distribution of entertainment products. It is also possible to broadcast recorded content, define a periodical schedule in addition to managing live transmissions.


Content protection

The Digital Rights Management system protects the multimedia content allowing owners a high level of flexibility in choosing a distribution policy and guaranteeing them from improper use. Special attention, moreover, has being given to the digital video quality by means of full screen fruition for wideband users.