Unidata has chosen to pursue with conviction and seriousness those activities and commitments that lead back to the acronym ESG: Environmental, Social, Governance.
Embracing this vision is not only appropriate and ethically correct, but it is also the right investment that Unidata can and must make on itself.
For this reason, we will keep alive this section of the site entirely dedicated to ESG, to give you an immediate view of what we have done, what we are doing and especially what we are going to do.
Unidata ESG Activities
These are some of the activities we are currently engaged in:

  • Unidata has published for the first time the Sustainability Report 2020, as a tool to present the Company’s commitments, strategies, organizational management methods and results, expressed in their threefold economic, environmental and social aspects.
  • Helping people in our community: Free connection for prisons: We help inmates stay connected to their families
  • Respect for gender equality: Gender pay equity is promoted and maintained in our organization, equal treatment in skills (no gender discrimination);
  • Sustainable development thanks to suitable infrastructure and innovation: Unidata invests in infrastructure and innovations that are crucial to achieving sustainable development;
  • Renewable Energy: Unidata has reduced CO2 emissions by using green energy for its Data Center;
  • Plastic free: Unidata has been a completely plastic-free company since 2020;

Sustainability is our value
Many, like us at Unidata, consider ESG issues to be something extremely important and something that gives value to the company, while others have doubts, due to the fact that some companies exploit ESG issues to do what is known as “green washing”, trying to give greater value to their brand by “sacrificing” themselves, with little conviction, in sporadic activities in favor of the environment and social issues.
This way of doing things does not represent our vision, because we believe (as do many other companies, clients and investors) that a more ESG-oriented company is a more solid reality and of greater value in the medium and long term.
It is our specific interest to make Unidata an important and strong player in the community in which it operates and will operate in the future.
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