Information about MyUni customer area

In the MyUNI Customer Area you can access special functions, manage and view all the information about contractual services, according to the user profile given at the time of registering.

Available services

The restricted Customer Area contains services and functions for:

  • Consulting active contracts
  • Viewing invoices
  • Checking Statements
  • Making online payments
  • Checking telephone use
  • Changing the personal data of the contracted customer
  • Changing the methods for sending and paying invoices
  • Managing the user profile

For information on user profiles in MyUNI, click here.


To access the MyUni portal, you must first register. For the time being you can only register further to an invitation from Unidata via a specific e-mail. The registration procedures consists of a few simple steps:

  1. Pre-assignment of username and profile
  2. Sending of email containing the invitation to complete the registration
  3. Completion of registration

The first two tasks are performed by Unidata Customer Care, the third must be performed by the user, starting by clicking on the link given in the email invitation:

Completion of registration

Due to security issues, registration must be completed within 30 days of receiving the invitation via email. Upon expiry of this period you must contact Customer Care. By clicking on the link in the invitation email you can complete the last step required for registration to the portal:

  • The Email field proposes the email used to send the invitation. The Private user does not normally change the proposed address (even if he can do so for specific needs).
    For Small Business or Public Administration users the registration completion task must be performed by the user who acts as Administrator. If the recipient of the email is not the Administrator, he/she must forward it to the competent person in the company.
    The email address of the Administrator must be entered in the Email field.
    The Email supplied in this phase can be used to access the portal as an alternative to the Username.
  • The password entry section gives the minimum complexity requirements and specifications for more secure passwords.

The level of complexity is highlighted by the number of requirements checked and the progress made along the ad hoc horizontal bar.

By clicking on the appropriate button you can see the set password:

Enter the password in order to proceed with the confirmation procedure. The operation is successful when the following is displayed:

The Continue button immediately directs you to the desired service.

How to access the portal

MyUNI is accessed from the Customer Area of ​​the UNIDATA portal using the login details Username/E-mail and Password confirmed during the registration completion phase:

Forgotten Username

To retrieve the Username click on the specific link on the login page:

Confirm the choice to continue by clicking on the appropriate box.

An email containing the Username is sent to the address provided:

Forgotten Password

To reset the password click on the specific link on the login page:

Confirm the choice to continue by clicking on the appropriate box.

Provide one of the required pieces of information and confirm. An email is sent to the account address.

The e-mail contains the link to reset the Password:
Click on this link to reset your password.

Once the password is reset, the user will immediately be redirected to the service.

How to access services

Once the login details have been checked and approved, the HOME / DASHBOARD page is displayed:

You can access available services by choosing:

  • User profile, to view and edit
  • your personal profile and the personal data of the contracted customer.
  • Welcome box, giving a summary of the details of the accredited user and relevant information of the customer, e.g. personal data, accounting and commercial information.
  • Contracts, for viewing active contracts and related services.
  • Accounting records, to view invoices and accounts statement
  • Consumption to check traffic and telephone costs

User profile

: At the top and right on the Home / Dashboard page, the UNIDATA button is displayed, allowing access to the website and to the user profile area:

The user profile area contains rapid action buttons, allowing access to:

User profile. > For complete management of user data.
– Roles and permissions > For the creation of other users having specific Roles and Permissions.
– Help page > To access online help pages.
– Log Out > To exit MyUNI.

Your details

In this box select:

  • Your profile, to manage personal profile data
  • Manage customer data, to view and edit the personal data of the contracted customer.

Welcome box

, this contains information on the user connected to the site and on the Customer.

The user can act directly to change the way in which invoices are sent and check the Administrative Status should the statement be “anomalous” due to payments not yet made.


By clicking inside the box you can view your active contracts and corresponding services.


In this box select:

  • View your invoices to view your invoices, print and save them on your PC and pay due or expiring invoices. Invoices for the two-year period up to the current date are available.
  • Statement, to view the statement of accounts, print it and save it on your PC, and to pay due or expiring invoices


By clicking in the box you can check details of telephone traffic and relative costs. Available online are details of calls over the previous 180 days, which you can view, print or save on your PC.

Customer area profiles

Access to services and functions of the customer area is governed by the profile associated with each user during registration.
For each client, Unidata generates an Administrator Contact at the time of inviting the client to register with the MyUNI portal.
The registration invitation is made via email when the client’s first contract is entered into.

Private Client

For Private Clients the Administrator Contact is the holder of the contract or contracts. After completing registration with the portal, the user accessing MyUNI can use all available services:

  • Consulting active contracts
  • Viewing invoices
  • Checking Statements
  • Making online payments
  • Checking telephone use
  • Changing the personal data of the contracted customer
  • Changing the methods for sending and paying invoices
  • Managing the user profile

Small Business Client or Public Administration

For Small Business or Public Administration clients, the Administrator Contact, after completing registration with the portal, can access MyUNI and use all available services, as well as register other Contacts, to whom he assigns specific profiles based on the services they need to have access to.

The Administrator Contact can register new users (Simple Contact), edit their service access profile, and delete one or more registered users. Functions are available to enter, view and edit all registered user profiles and relative access profiles in MyUNI.

The Simple Contact is granted access to available services according to the profile associated to him by the Administrator Contact, further to which he may/may NOT: Consult contracts, view invoices, make online payments, check consumption, request changes to personal data and to methods for sending and paying invoices.

When a need arises, the Simple Contact must ask the Administrator to make changes to his profile.

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