Intelligence, simplicity and control – serving people and businesses

People are at the heart of what we offer: this is our philosophy and our vision
We do not like a world where “things control people” rather we see a world in which technologies help our clients to make everyday life in the home and at work easier and more secure.
To ensure this, we apply a “customer experience” idea that is revolutionary in its simplicity: we think we are, and we are, our own clients.
We do not want to see our homes or offices full of complex, useless and invasive technologies.
Our sophisticated technologies, the result of years of R&D investments, are hidden behind simple, immediate, useful and elegant services.
Buy & Play
When you buy one of our devices it is automatically configured on all your Apps, and is ready for use as soon as you receive it. That’s it. No more, no less.
Data in Italy™
We help you to keep under control the things you care about most, and to live in a secure and comfortable environment, making no compromises on your privacy or the use of your data, which are kept strictly in 100% Italian Data Centers , managed in compliance with the highest security standards.
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