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Company President Brunetti announces the listing of Unidata on AIM Italia
In the interconnection of digital transformation systems.

We are specialists in the design and implementation of complex networks for the ultra-fast connectivity associated with digital transformation. We offer advanced services, systems and solutions for Internet access with the fastest and most secure connections in existence today, based on the most advanced technological infrastructure that guarantees our customers reliability, speed, security, enhanced signal penetration and wide-range coverage, for super-fast browsing and totally secure management of huge quantities of digital information.

Two lines of business:
Operational start-up activities:

Years in business





For the transmission, storage and filing of regulated information made public, Unidata SpA uses the centralized storage mechanism “1Info”, which can be viewed at, managed by Computershare SpA with registered office at Via L. Mascheroni 19, 20145 Milan.

Last updated 12/03/2020

The information in this section is disclosed in accordance with article 26 of the AIM Italia issuers regulations.

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