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Continuous innovation is not just something we put in our slides.
We have been writing it for over 30 years, thanks to our curiosity and passion, in all the investments we have undertaken.
Always ready to take the first step. We have again been among the very first in Italy and the world to realise that new IoT technologies needed dedicated WANs.
The network and the manager
Our LoRaWAN™ network already reaches millions of people in Rome and the Lazio region, and is ready to manage your Smart Cities, asset management, logistics, building automation and industrial, agricultural and consumer applications.
Our professional suite LoRaMANAGER will allow you to manage your professional applications in an environment specially designed for developers, system integrators and large customers.
The LoRaWAN™ network
LoRaWAN™ is the innovative technology specially designed to connect the billions of things that we will have around us every day, and is beginning to be adopted in all countries of the world.
Secure, efficient, able to penetrate where traditional cellular technologies cannot reach, you can control devices that consume very little energy and cost very little. The batteries of LoRa™ devices can last dozens of years. Among comparable technologies, it is the one that has the most extensive and complete ecosystem of devices in the world.
We want our professional clients to focus only on the added value of their applications, leaving us to do what we have been doing with passion for thirty years: creating and managing networks.
Coverage of Rome area
LoRaWAN™ services
Not all applications are the same. There are devices that send few messages in a year, while others send hundreds of them a day.
Contact us at the toll-free number 800 609 000 and discover our clear and competitive offer for connecting your devices. You will find your optimal application profile in terms of message range per year, starting from a few cents a month.
No confusion, no hidden costs, no variable costs, no SIM operating costs.
Our platform for managing IoT networks
LoRaMANAGER is a professional suite for creating and managing IoT LoRaWan ™ networks and services. We created it first of all for ourselves. It is the result of two years of development and many man years of research to optimise radio networks and cloud platforms.
Based on thirty years of network experience, LoraManager is designed for operators and system integrators. Horizontally scalable on millions of devices, innovative, modular, redundant, secure. Available in the cloud, it is made up of modules that can be assembled according to specific needs, offering only what you really need. On demand, we can
add custom interfaces and plugins, and provide on-premise installations.
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Powerful, flexible and innovative
LoRaMANAGER has four basic modules:

The administrator can organise his space in vertical containers corresponding to several separate networks, or to multiple classes of users and applications in the same network. You can also create “cross layers” between the containers, in which users publish/subscribe to shared resources by assigning dedicated metrics and dashboards to them.
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Completely designed with horizontally scalable containers, it is the engine of data traffic flows between devices and applications. Its BigData contains all the LoRa™ traffic historic data heard and managed by the network, making data available to both statistics modules and to radio spectrum optimization algorithms. Modular and open to additional plugins for specific functions, it consists of 3 main functional blocks.
Network bridge
This module enables dialogue with gateways and interfaces with the packet forwarder, dealing with the transfer of data between gateways and network controllers.
Network controller
This is the heart of the system that meets LoRaWAN™ specifications and deals with network control and command features. It presents network data to control modules and keeps information secure.
Application bridge
This component dialogues with the application part (payload management) and presents data to the application in a number of ways.
[Versioni 1.0 / 1.1 – Multicast Ufficiale LoRa™ (3Q18) – FUOTA ufficiale LoRa™ (3Q18)]
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The dashboard is used to manage in one place all the features of LoRaMANAGER: users, applications, gateways, devices, radio optimization, monetisation and billing. You can organise the vertical containers (tenants) and the cross layers of interoperability. It integrates the system used to calculate and present both effective and planned radio coverage.
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Gateway management
In addition to the complete set of normal management functions (input, monitoring, configuration, etc.) the GATEWAY parameters (model, antennas, location) can be used for on-the-fly planning of the radio coverage of single units. Of all possible statistics worthy of special mention is the ability to view the history of all LoRa™ packages heard by the single GATEWAY.
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Device management
It is designed to provide all the tools needed for network administrators and developers to manage operations, debug and optimise the network.
When expressly enabled, the module can include for viewing and statistics the public parameters of devices not managed by the operator.
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Statistical functions
They include historic data with “speaking” cursors. You can also view the gateways that have heard the devices, select the types of messages displayed (join, accept and request, up-down link, mic mismatch, pre and post deduplication), see statistics on radio channels used.
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Plug & Test
For each device (individually or by class) you can directly associate Json parsers on the dashboard, in order to immediately obtain the parsed payload, unencrypted where possible. You can write and save the parsers directly in the user interface.
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App management
In addition to the usual complete set of functions, you can manage multiple application levels (relating to business spaces that can be shared), while being able to select APIs and default applications for payload /device management. For each application you can define whether a decryption is required or post-uplink enablement, as well as choosing a standard protocol in a continuously evolving set.
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Reporting, Knowledge base and Logs
Finally, it is worth pointing out two unique features of the LoRaMANAGER suite: internal and external management of reports and reporting of issues. In addition to bug and service disruption management, messaging is also designed to create a veritable knowledge base among all users of the LoRaMANAGER suite. The administrator can obtain the complete Log of the use of APIs and modules from all system users.
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The radio manager is the radio spectrum optimisation module that manages the allocation of channels and different spreading factors, as well as the relative time on air. The module analyses the LoRaWAN™ traffic flows from gateways, taking into account all uses of the spectrum (not just managed devices), calculates the use of the channels for each gateway and optimises traffic based on the various available algorithms. In addition to the “static” management of radio parameters, various optimisation algorithms can be selected, thanks to Unidata’s R&D activities. The radio manager includes radio coverage planning modules used by the dashboard.
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It is a very versatile tool that allows the management of data traffic and its pricing based on any available metric: package size, time on air, number of uplink/downlink messages, spreading factor, number of devices, number of gateways.
The system combines the various metrics and exports the data necessary for the monetisation and billing of the services provided by the platform, also allowing “cross-billing” mechanisms among the various infrastructure tenants. By default it integrates APIs to SAP.
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LoRaMANAGER, a powerful technological suite.
But there is more:

A tool for designing Business Models

The powerful possibility of organising vertical space resources in horizontal cross layers, combined with the metric management module, allows you to create dynamic business models, based on the publication and subscription of shared resources. The traditional concept of roaming is overcome, replacing it with that of shared “business spaces”.
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A tool for creating federated networks

LoRaMANAGER enables you to federate different public and private LoRaWan™ networks, creating regional and national cross-linked “federated virtual networks”. It is a collaborative response to the demand for increasingly pervasive and densified IoT networks. If you are an operator or you have LoRaWAN™ private networks contact us and enter the Loraitaly federation.
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Write & Play

If you are a system integrator, a device developer, an application developer, write to us and gain immediate access to our suite to test your devices or applications.
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