Shareholder information and shareholder structure

Unidata S.p.A.

ShareholderNumber of shares owned% of share capital
Uninvest Srl *1.700.00069,40%
Renato Brunetti61.0002,49%
Claudio Bianchi60.0002,45%
Marcello Vispi60.0002,45%
Giampaolo Rossini60.0002,45%
Roberto Venerucci60.0002,45%

* Equally owned by the shareholders Renato Brunetti, Marcello Vispi and Claudio Bianchi

Disclosure obligations of significant shareholders

In accordance with AIM Italia regulations, anyone who holds shares in the issuer’s capital must disclose any “substantial change” i.e. the achievement or exceeding of the thresholds of 5%, 10%, 15%, 20%, 25%, 30%, 50 %, 66.6% and 90% of the share capital of the AIM issuer, as well as any reduction below the aforementioned thresholds, in order to allow the issuer to communicate this substantial change via SDIR.
For the purpose of calculating the investments held by a significant shareholder – that is, one who holds at least 5% of the share capital – the following must be considered: i) the shares held by them (even if the voting right belongs to or is attributed to third parties); ii) the shares which entitle the holder to voting rights; iii) shares held by intermediaries, trustees, subsidiary companies or others whose voting rights belong or are attributed to such parties; iv) the total shares conferred in a shareholders’ agreement aimed at exercising voting rights in the company.
In a timely manner, and in any case within 4 trading days from the transaction that causes the obligation to arise (regardless of the implementation date) or from the day on which events become known that entail changes in the issuer’s share capital, the significant shareholder must disclose to the issuer:
(a) his or her identity;
(b) the date on which the issuer was informed;
(c) the date on which the substantial change of shares occurred;
(d) the nature and the extent of the significant shareholder’s participation in the operation.

Transmission of regulated information

Unidata SpA states that for the transmission and storage of regulated information, it uses the 1Info circuit managed by Computershare SpA, with headquarters in Via Lorenzo Mascheroni, 19 – 20145 Milan.

For the transmission, storage and filing of regulated information made public, Unidata SpA uses the centralized storage mechanism “1Info”, which can be viewed at, managed by Computershare SpA with registered office at Via L. Mascheroni 19, 20145 Milan.

Last updated 12/03/2020

The information in this section is disclosed in accordance with article 26 of the AIM Italia issuers regulations.

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