Social responsibility

To help build a better society
To improve and grow within the company is not enough, we must work together with civil society and make a fair contribution, applying the principles of social responsibility.
To enhance diversity, providing stable employment if possible, collaborate with institutions and foundations, and disseminate environmental awareness: these are some of the values ​​Unidata has chosen to focus on, in the sphere of ethics and social responsibility, values ​​on which all the company’s activities are based . Initiatives include research, respect for the environment and the allocation of part of its profits to non-profit organisations.
Unidata’s social commitment is expressed in some fields.
The Company:
  • allocates a part of its profits to social initiatives and to Italian or international non-profit organisations that reflect the values ​​of the company, and to which it often provides services under special terms;
  • prevents pollution by pursuing Green Responsibility policies, through the creation of innovative products and low-consumption solutions that respect the environment, and through actions such as recycling and separate waste collection within the company;
  • acts in compliance with rules for the protection of the environment and human health. The solutions created and wireless products used do not add to electromagnetic pollution, as they are within legal limits and do not damage the health of users.
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