The Management

Renato Brunetti

President, CEO and Sales Director ad interim

Founding Partner of Unidata and Chairman of the Board of Directors since 2002. In the ICT sector since 1970. Renato is President of the NaMeX Consortium and Vice President of AIIP, the Association of Italian Internet Providers.

Claudio Bianchi

Data Center Manager

Founding Partner of Unidata and Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors. Forty-six years of experience in the ICT sector, with a particular focus on digital hardware platforms and microprocessors. Since 2001 Claudio has been Head of the Unidata Data Center.

Marcello Vispi

Vice President of Unidata

Founding Partner of Unidata. In the ICT sector since 1970, Marcello has been Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors since 2001.

Giampaolo Rossini

Technical Director

Partner of Unidata since the early 2000s. Employed by the company since 1997 as technical manager of the Internet and Security division. Twenty-five years of experience in the ICT sector with a particular focus on the construction of backbone and access networks, telecommunications networks and connections to Internet security networks. Giampaolo spent a year at Cable & Wireless Italy as head of the Italian network. Since 2001 he has been Technical Director of Unidata.

Roberto Giacometti

CFO and Investor Relator

An engineer with extensive experience in the Administration and Finance, Planning and Control of various companies in the ICT, civil engineering, infrastructure and non-profit sectors, including Gruppo Finanziario Italiano SpA (GFI) of which he was CFO, Fi.La.S. SpA, Italconsult Srl, Tecno Holding SpA and Orizzonte Sgr SpA. Roberto has held the position of General Manager in numerous Italian and foreign companies, including Capital Società Finanziaria SpA and Fiordaliso Srl SB, and was Director of the National Secretariat of Agesci. He has been Chief Financial Officer of Unidata since September 2019.

For the transmission, storage and filing of regulated information made public, Unidata SpA uses the centralized storage mechanism “1Info”, which can be viewed at, managed by Computershare SpA with registered office at Via L. Mascheroni 19, 20145 Milan.

Company Storyline

Last updated 24/05/2021

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