Choose the Cloud, in complete security.
Thanks to our data centers, which are completely redundant, you can make full use of fully secure housing, hosting, server colocation, backup, disaster recovery and virtual data center services.
The increasing amount of data and growing need for security require Cloud solutions specially tailored to your business needs. With Unidata you can have everything you need without taking any risks.
With Unicloud you can create your own dedicated data center, be it virtual or physical, to upgrade your IT infrastructure and easily migrate to the Cloud.
With just a few clicks you can create virtual machines and get them to communicate with each other. You can also choose the type and size of the servers to be created, choosing from a set of configured profiles.
Optimal for PA agencies and for small, medium and large businesses.
The Unidata Data Center
The main Unidata data center is a crowning glory of technology and security, hosting advanced ICT services and Clouds of Business customers: SMEs, corporations and Public Administrations. The infrastructure offers traditional hosting, housing, server colocation services and innovative solutions, such as latest generation Cloud computing.
Our data center is configured as a technology centre, able to host thousands of servers and racks in different locations. All environments are secure, air conditioned and monitored to accommodate fully efficient operating equipment 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
The environment is air-conditioned and humidified at a constant temperature and endowed with emergency lighting, all rooms are made of fireproof, sound-absorbing materials, and there are glass doors through which equipment can be viewed.

Unidata’s main Data Center is a veritable showpiece of technology and security

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