Unidata’s Data Center, a crowning glory of technology and security

The infrastructure that allows us to offer innovative hosting, housing, server colocation and cloud computing services.
Data Centers today play a very important role in the development of telecommunications, production and the economy all over the world. They are centers that collect data from various ICT infrastructures, and host data storage systems, servers, IT systems and security devices.
The Unidata Data Center attains a high level of requirements, making it a particularly efficient, reliable and secure infrastructure. It is located in the Unidata headquarters, in Rome, in the Ponte Galeria area, and is backed up by other centers, or nodes, located in the capital and connected to each other via multiple optical fiber rings, each characterised by a different path, for back-up and disaster recovery solutions attaining maximum security.
Our Data Center now extends over 800 square meters and collects on its servers websites, data, archives, including very large ones, allowing us to host the hardware equipment of customers who request it.
The high quality standards of our Data Center
The TIA-942 standards, issued by the Telecommunication Industry Association, accredited by the American National Standards Institute, establish guidelines for the definition of spaces and design of Data Centers, defining rules for wiring, environmental conditions and offer a universally accepted classification divided into levels called TIERS.
The Unidata Data Center already meets third level TIER specifications, and is close to meeting TIER IV criteria, which requires, among other things:

  • Redundant components and multiple simultaneously active connections for power and cooling;
  • Service efficiency of 99.995%, equal to an acceptable maximum of 24 minutes per year of standstill;
Finally, the TIER IV level Data Center does not require total shutdown during maintenance, with deviations to other connections for power and infrastructure.
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