In areas not yet reached by optical fiber in FTTH (Fiber to the Home) mode, Unidata offers the VDSL (FTTC-Fiber to the Cabinet) service. This is a hybrid fiber system (up to the cabinet on the street) using the copper wiring to the user’s residence.
Under optimal conditions the performance of VDSL technology is of a good standard, with 30-50 Mbps (and beyond), albeit not comparable to FTTH, or completely in optical fiber, where the national coverage is unfortunately limited. The service is very asymmetrical, i.e. the download speed is much higher than the upload speed (10-20%)
If the VDSL service is not available either, the best available ADSL technology service is offered.
Unlimited internet up to 50 Mbps (in some cases up to 100 Mbps) in download, 10-30 Mbps in upload

Services can be provided throughout the country with FLAT formulas, i.e. with no time limits and no additional traffic consumption costs


Modem/router, firewall and WiFi with installation service are included.

VoIP phone number

All offers include a telephone line in VoIP technology with a public geographic number (e.g. 06 123 456 78), with the possibility of using a number already in the user's possession

Other services included

The VDSL offer includes the provision of services such as IP addresses, web space and mailboxes

A transparent offer

Unidata respects its customers, and has always issued invoices on a monthly basis at prices that are clear and constant over time

For more info and availability call the toll-free number
800 609 000
What is ADSL and ADSL2+?
ADSL (Asymmetrical Digital Subscriber Line) is one of the technologies used for the provision of Unidata’s connectivity services. Designed to provide services to residential or small business users, it allows the use of individual twisted copper pairs for the separate transmission of data and traditional telephone signals. The technology is asymmetrical, in that the bandwidth dedicated to traffic between the server and the user (down-link) is greater than that dedicated to traffic from the user to the central (up-link). This makes it particularly suitable for sending multimedia contents to the user, ensuring interactivity to the network.
ADSL2+ is a standard that extends the capacity of basic ADSL by doubling the stream of bits being downloaded. The transmission speed can reach up to 24 Mbps in download and 1.5 Mbps in upload, depending on the distance between the DSLAM and the user’s site.

Unidata has the best ADSL technologies for maximum reliability, flexibility and performance

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