Company Profile

An Italian company through and through, Unidata is a leader in the telecommunications sector.
Having over thirty years’ experience in the field of information technology and telecommunications, it offers Internet connectivity and services in the city and province of Rome.
Aimed mainly at businesses and P.A.s, Unidata has recently focused more on meeting the needs of residential users.
Unidata has always considered flexibility, listening and proximity to be its strengths, enabling it to increase its turnover and customer loyalty year by year.
Our Mission is to grasp the potential offered by the latest progress in the spheres of technology, IT and telecommunications in order to make the daily lives of our customers better and their work more efficient and productive.
Unidata – Continuous innovation
The past
Founded in 1985, Unidata initially focused on hardware and microelectronics, proposing in Italy the first personal computers and the first networks making intensive use of microprocessors.
In the early 1990s its core business changed, and it became one of the first Italian Internet Service Providers. In 2004 it also became a telephone operator.
A fully Italian company, three of its five current shareholders – Renato Brunetti, Marcello Vispi and Claudio Bianchi – are its founders, having undertaken a long path aimed at innovation and being alert to the most promising technologies in the telecommunications sector.
Historically aimed mainly at business customers, Unidata has always made of flexibility, satisfying specific needs, listening to the customer and proximity its principal strengths, allowing it to increase its customer base and loyalty year after year.
The present
In the last few years Unidata has also worked to meet the demand from residential users, offering in areas that were poorly served or not served at all sources of high-speed broadband connections, offering up to 1000 Mbps of connectivity.
This is made possible by the invaluable fiber-optic infrastructure – more than 2,000 km of Unidata fiber laid across Rome and its province – and the FTTH (Fiber To The Home) infrastructure architecture, meaning that from the server to the end user, the line is entirely made up of optical fibers, without copper sections, for maximum performance.
Unidata has a perfectly redundant Data Center, guaranteeing data backup, and offers,
in addition to wired and wireless connectivity, connected services such as VoIP telephony and switchboards and Hosting, Colocation and Cloud Computing solutions (Iaas, PaaS, SaaS).
In May 2017 Unidata obtained the ELITE certification.
ELITE is an Italian Stock Exchange program and an international platform of integrated services, created to guide the best companies in the country in their growth projects.
We have chosen to join ELITE already in 2014 to seize the opportunities for growth offered by favourable market conditions.

Renato Brunetti, President of Unidata

Elite Certificate (PDF)
Future prospects
The new direction taken by Unidata, the result of innovation and sensing new trends in the telecommunications sector, is now looking at the so-called fourth industrial revolution and solutions for industry 4.0, of which the Internet of Things (IoT) is the main engine. This focus has already resulted in the study and development of LoRa™ wireless transmission technology and the related LoRaWAN™ network standard. This has led the Rome-based company to create radio coverage over the entire city of Rome and present this result at the international innovation trade fair, Maker Faire European Edition – of which Unidata has been a Gold Partner ever since its first edition.
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