Connectivity capacity

Network connectivity capacity
Over the years Unidata has built up an extensive fiber-optic network in the city and province of Rome, a network that is now expanding in the rest of the Latium region.
The network is made up of its own fiber optic resources and is organised with a backhaul on 2 with a redundant hub & spoke architecture using lines having capacities of 10 and 100 Gbps, direct fiber or DWDM.
The Latium regional network is connected to a national backbone with national POPs at Milan-Mix and Rome-Namex.
Unidata supplies wholesale links of various capacities and architectures to operators.
Connection features:
Layer 2 connections from 100 Mbps to 1 Gbps

One-way or two-way

Delivery of connections to Rome Namex and Milan Mix

Delivery of connections to Unidata Data Center (Galeria) and numerous other sites of network operators and Data Centers

MPLS architecture networks

26 Ghz Wireless Connections in Latium

Professional support services

Customer origination and termination devices

H24 Support and Assistance

H24 on-demand intervention service

Several SLAs and custom services

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