Digital Signage

See and be seen!
Digital signage is an innovative form of communication based on the display of digital contents, such as slides, images and videos on screens and monitors
It is a versatile solution, optimal for many commercial and non-commercial activities, from a supermarket transmitting images of products on offer to public bodies informing citizens, a hotel giving its guests information about the city or entertainment, and a company informing its employees.
Nothing communicates better than a video: thanks to Unidata’s digital signage services, your proximity communication becomes effective. Infoled panels, dedicated screens, signage and digital signage, integrated by a present and fast assistance, allow you to inform the recipients of your communications with videos or slides.
The two great advantages of digital signage, as a form of targeted communication, are the possibility of modifying contents in a dynamic way and supplying a message in a specific place at a specific time.
Infoled panels
Infoled is the information system using LED panels.
The panels, available in different sizes, can display information and communications of public interest or promotional in nature. Published messages can be managed via a special platform, which is very simple to use, developed by Unidata.
Information between citizens and public administration or between customers and businesses is increasingly a necessity and an opportunity: Infoled is the solution.
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