Internet transit

ISP for over 20 years with a high quality network
Unidata, with its AS Number 5394 assigned in 1995, was one of the first ISPs in Italy. In the same year it was one of the first in Europe to be involved in the foundation of the Namex (Internet Exchange of Rome).
Today Unidata has a high-quality Internet network, connected to most networks (through direct peering), its own network connected to most exchange points in Europe.
High quality is obtained through a broad over-provisioning of interconnections. Numerous connections with Tier 1 operators and direct peering produce optimal latency times, always with accurate and continuous tuning and optimisation.
Unidata’s offer
Unidata has its own end customers, but also offers in Wholesale mode the high quality Internet Transit service, both IPv4 and IPv6, to operators such as ISPs and Hosting and Cloud providers.
From 100 Mbps to 10 Gbps

Service delivery sites:
Namex-Rome and Mix-Milan

Unidata Data Center

From many datacenters and Tlc POPs

Internet Transit from Customers' premises


Back-up on another AS

Two-way back-up

Capacity on demand

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