IoT Lora Services

The Unidata network for the Internet of Things
Unidata has been working on IoT LPWAN Lora technology for several years.
It is a very innovative technology operating on the 868Mhz frequency; Unidata is building a network to guarantee a very wide coverage.
Service in Lora covered areas
Traffic generated by Lora-compatible sensors that use the LoraWan protocol in covered territories is provided to operators in Wholesale mode .
We address our offer to those who develop specific vertical solutions, such as Smart City, Smart Home, Smart Metering, etc.
Solutions in on-demand areas
In areas with a good concentration and an adequate number of devices, specific coverage is achieved in concert with the operator.
Method of data delivery
Through the Cloud Loraman solution, Unidata provides a complete solution for network and data access and delivery management in a number of ways.
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Available services:
Colocation in quarter of a cabinet

Colocation in half a cabinet

Colocation in entire cabinet and multiple cabinets

Delimited private area

Ancillary services
Internet bandwidth up to 10 Gbps

Anti DDOS service for Internet connections

Managed Services

H24 on-demand intervention service

Alarms and video surveillance for private areas

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