Smart City Wi-Fi

Public Wi-Fi for Smart Cities
Nowadays free public Wi-Fi coverage in key areas is a distinctive feature that adds to the quality of life and caters to the needs of citizens, tourists and visitors.
The solidity of our Wi-Fi experience
Unidata has been a pioneer for public Wi-Fi for Municipalities. The first experience came in 2005 with the Municipality of Rome and the establishment of the Romawireless Consortium, one of the first efforts in Italy to provide Wi-Fi coverage in public parks and main squares. Experiences continued with the Surf in Sardinia project, Wi-Fi Province (former Province of Rome) and many other initiatives.
Our solution uses the most advanced products, like Ruckus Wireless, and solutions developed by Unidata itself, integrated with IoT, which is an essential technology for Smart Cities.
A series of important actions like this have had a significant social relevance, helping to reduce the digital divide in many disadvantaged areas.
Customised and integrated solutions
We have acquired ten years of experience offering specific solutions to the business and non-business communities. This has enabled us to design and create tailor-made architectures, particularly using municipal fiber-optic infrastructures, video surveillance projects and IoT.
Municipalities are paying great attention to this service, along the lines of the European WIFI4EU project.
A specialist operator such as Unidata can guarantee quality and compliance with legal requirements.
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