Unimedia, moving beyond traditional media.
Unidata’s Unimedia offers you a platform to create and manage special theme channels as well as TV and radio formats.
The power of the Internet is helping to create new forms of direct communication, and Web TV is opening new horizons and opportunities. Imagine your own live TV, high quality and on demand, visible all over the world. Today this is a reality, and is available to everyone.
Radio and TV on the Internet: what was once the prerogative of a few is now available to everyone. What was once a future prospect is now a reality thanks to the spread of high-speed broadband.
Not a simple transposition of the Web using traditional media: the Unimedia model seeks interactivity and is characterised by its flexibility and particularly low costs.
Flexible solutions for all your needs.
Unimedia is a tool that allows you to communicate using fully customisable audiovisual contents.
By creating specific formats, it is possible to:
  • internal communications
  • promotional communications
  • sales network support and motivation
  • distance learning
  • broadcasting of events and presentations
  • public information services
  • distribution and sale of entertainment products
It is also possible to broadcast recorded contents, draw up regular schedules and manage live broadcasts.
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