VoIP Telephony

National voice telephony operator
Unidata, a national operator with ministerial authorization as a voice telephony operator since 2004, has its own public telephone numbering sequences in all 232 Italian telephone districts.
In order to provide the public telephony service Unidata has a direct connection with Telecom Italia and other national and international operators, and can provide “number portability” for existing numbers.
In addition to providing its customers with telephone services, Unidata also has a wholesale offer for other operators, and is qualified as a “Switch-less reseller” according to current regulations.
Wholesale offer:
VoIP - SIP interconnection

National and international termination

Connection through the Internet

Dedicated lines connection or Namex and Mix connection

VoIP flows of large number of connections

Virtual operator platform

SMS gateway

Virtual PBX service

Virtual FAX service

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