Univoice: the voice of your business
VoIP is the great stride forward made by telephony thanks to the Internet. An innovation that has brought advanced voice solutions up to an even more sophisticated level while reducing relative costs.
Unidata, one of the pioneers in Italy in the provision of services related to VoIP technology, is able to provide your business with fixed voice solutions, virtual switchboards, audio conferencing and video conferencing systems and all that VoIP can offer, and which has already brought many hotels and businesses, including large ones, to abandon obsolete TDM telephony.
Busineses, Public Administrations, Embassies, Hotels: these and other types of organisations have chosen Univoice for its convenience and its quality.
VoIP: better quality, lower costs
These are the advantages offered by VoIP technology compared with traditional voice services:
Lower call costs, even over long distances

The distinction between local calls and long distance calls no longer exists, unlike with traditional voice services.

Lower infrastructure costs

When an IP network is available, no other infrastructure is needed

It offers advanced functions over traditional voice services

Implementing future options does not require the substitution of hardware

Over time VoIP technology has become increasingly economical and efficient, thanks in part to the dissemination of Centrex-VoIP services, allowing the use of virtual switchboards.
Today Unidata, with its Univoice offer, transforms any type of traditional telephony system into VoIP telephony, regardless of the pre-existing configuration, integrating all the tools used daily in the organisation: telephone, fax, answering machine, e-mail and mobile.
The advanced telephony package Unidata IP Telephony offers innovative voice, video and data services, offering multimedia video conferencing, contact centers and interactive multimedia response systems.
VoIP technology
VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol – voice over IP – and is a technology that allows you to have a telephone conversation using the Internet connection, or any other packet switching network that uses the IP protocol without a data transport connection.
As a VoIP provider we make this technology available to make phone calls to the traditional telephone network, the so-called PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network). In its most advanced forms, however, VoIP is not limited to making phone calls on the Internet. You can also have real-time, unicast or multicast audio-video communications via packet networks, such as video calls, and video conference calls.

VoIP is the big stride forward made by telephony thanks to the Internet

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