Unidata Wi-Fi: a powerful signal for everyone
Wi-Fi is now an essential feature for every type of structure and operation. The creation of a Wi-Fi network service becomes more complex when it comes to cabling medium or large-sized facilities, places set up for large events with a large influx of visitors. In this case it is even more important for the network to support the simultaneous connection of all connected users, avoiding slowdowns, to a quality that allows the optimal use of the ever increasing volume of contents available on the web.
Solutions for large structures and events
Over the years Unidata has gained in-depth experience in planning, installing and maintaining infrastructures to cover areas with Wi-Fi connections.
A successful example is the provision of the Wi-Fi service for over 120 thousand high-tech enthusiasts who visited the 2017 edition of the Maker Faire Rome – European Edition, at the Rome Exhibition Centre
A great technological partner
A careful analysis of latest generation technologies available on the international market resulted in our choosing as a partner one of the most cutting-edge companies in the production of technologies for Wi-Fi coverage: Ruckus Wireless. Ruckus Wireless has achieved important results that bear witness to its competence and to the high quality of its services.
Features of the Wi-Fi / LAN offer
Inspection, Planning and Design of Wi-Fi network
Wiring of LAN network**
Indoor / Outdoor Access Point
Wi-Fi technology802.11ac / 802.11n802.11ac / 802.11n802.11ac / 802.11n
Concurrent usersUp to 100From 100 to 512Over 512
Multi SSID configuration
Customised Captive Page on at least one SSID*
Captive page User management (Hotspot)**
Temporary Username / Password (Token)Project-basedProject-basedProject-based
Recording of devices based on MAC addressProject-basedProject-basedProject-based
Advanced authentication services (RADIUS, AD, LDAP, etc.)Project-basedProject-basedProject-based
Filter Configuration
Roaming with public Wi-Fi networks*
Internet access***
Management of cable network infrastructure**
Management of wireless network infrastructure**
POS Gateway***
* = Optional
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